Becoming a Postdoc, PhD, Masters, or Undergraduate Research Assistant

If you want to do research with me, please follow the instructions on the A²R Lab Join page.

Letter of Recommendation Requests

In order to make sure I can write good letters of recommendation, all of the following must be true before I can commit to writing you a letter:

For many students, this is easy to satisfy. For example, researchers in my lab easily satisfy all of the criteria above! If you do not qualify based on all of the criteria above, but still think I am the best person to write you a letter, exceptions may be made in some cases. Please make sure to explain in detail why you think an exception should be made!

If you are eligible for a letter, please send me an email to bplancher+advising@barnard.edu with all of the following:

Also, as many recommendation letters now go through formal submission systems, once I agree to write your letter, please add me to that system as soon as you can.

Finally, I will only write letters if you agree to waive your rights to see the letter. That is the only way I can provide strong and honest letters to all students who submit requests each year.