TinyMLedu: The Tiny Machine Learning Open Education Initiative


TinyML is a cutting-edge field that brings the transformative power of machine learning (ML) to the performance and power-constrained domain of embedded systems. This opens new avenues of opportunity for a smarter and cheaper internet of things (IoT). TinyML is also a great educational tool as it touches on topics from across the computer science curriculum, ranging from machine learning to embedded systems. TinyMLedu is working to build an international coalition of researchers and practitioners advancing TinyML in the developing world, and to develop and share high-quality, open-access educational materials globally. To date, we have helped launch two courses derived from our materials, taught in Portuguese in Brazil, held an outreach workshop for middle and high school teachers and students of the Navajo nation, and launched an Academic Network of over 20 universities from around the globe. Moving forward we want to grow our impact by helping develop more workshops and courses, in more languages, targeting an even broader audience, to introduce the world to TinyML.